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How To Do Rollback Well

I still see a lot of fear out there in the development and operations communities with regards to being able to rollback failed software deploys. People talk about the difficulty of rolling back, the need to always be rolling forward … Continue reading

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Configuring Hadoop On EC2

I am about to go live with my first production Hadoop job for a client as a proof of concept. I found that a lot of the documentation out there is quite text dense, unnecessarily detailed, or out of date, … Continue reading

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Launching DevOps Friday!

There’s so much innovation going on in the fast moving DevOps world, that I’ve decided to start a curated email newsletter that will summarise the best content from the weeks blogs, articles and Tweets. The newsletter will be brief, non-commercial, … Continue reading

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The Key Factor For Viral Products

I love the part in the Facebook movie where the product hits exponential growth a few hours after it was released: “Harvard at that time did not have a student directory with photos and basic information, and with the initial … Continue reading

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GOTO Copenhagen – Day 2 Review

I spent most of day 2 of the conference on the NoSQL and big data track. It was a close call for me over the mobile development track, but big data just pips mobile to the post in relation to … Continue reading

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Metrics Driven Development

One of my main take aways from day 1 of GOTO Copenhagen was the importance of using metrics to monitor what our applications are doing, how they are running, and whether they are currently in some problematic or broken state. … Continue reading

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