Benjamin Wootton

Founder @ Contino

About me

I am a consultant from London with over 10 years experience of agile enterprise software development.

Most of my experience is as a hands on software developer. I prefer and usually work on systems with requirements for reliability, robustness, and low latency. I typically work on the Java/JVM stack but I do branch out into full stack development including Node.JS and Ruby.

I have been involved in many agile transformation projects, and enjoy working on optimising software development processes for efficiency and quality.

I am experienced and hugely interested in the emerging DevOps and Continuous Delivery fields, as I believe these have huge potential to improve the outcomes of the average software development team. To this end, I have established Contino to help software development teams realise the massive potential benefits from this way of working.

I am particularly interested in how DevOps and Continuous Delivery can be applied at a high level to allow organisations to innovate quickly and come to market earlier. I am currently in the process of writing a book on this concept of called Flowing Software, due to be released in the early part of 2014.

Finally, I write and run the popular DevOps Friday newsletter, which each week summarises the weekly events and developments in the DevOps world. Considering signing up if you are interested in the latest developments in this exciting movement.

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